Optimized transport through digitalization and electrification: 10x rather than 10%

lead by Scania and Xylem


Electrification is a great promise with fast technological development. It is causing one of the most significant disruptions in the automotive sector in a century. In industry, the move to a more sustainable world with lower CO2 and particle emissions is front and center. There is potential for a steeply increasing curve of improvement ahead, considering energy consumption, use of resources and total cost of ownership.

Several factors with potential for improvement together amplify each other:

  • Batteries and powertrains are getting cheaper and more powerful
  • Energy consumption of components and systems decreases
  • Reuse and recycling of materials and components increases

But there are also challenges ahead:

  • New materials are needed. How do we source them ethically in a less globalized future?
  • New infrastructures are needed. Are the necessary incentives in place?

How can digitalization help to radically improve all aspects of transport, from vehicles to streams of material and liquids like water?

Moderator: Tiva Sharifi, PhD, Technology leader for Electrification, Research office, Scania

Reno Filla, Senior Engineer in Electromobility and Energy Systems at Scania
– Reno is working with Engineering Research and Predevelopment of Sustainable Powertrains in a broad context, always with focus on the systems perspective in various “zoom levels”, from interaction between powertrain components all the way to international energy- and transport systems.

Filip Kjellgren, Strategic Initiative Developer in AI Sweden
– Filip is responsible for establishing and leading AI Sweden’s strategic efforts within the energy system. The overall objective is to internetify the energy system.

John Lind, Director for Product Development Components in Xylem
– John is responsible for the development of components like electric motors for a large part of Xylem’s products. In addition, he is responsible for the development of Xylem hydraulic parts which determine the hydraulic performance which naturally has a significant impact on energy use and carbon footprint.

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