Our Journey Towards a Society Empowered by AI and Autonomy

lead by Saab


As Sweden stands on the precipice of a new technological era, the interplay between artificial intelligence (AI) and autonomy promises to reshape our societal landscape.

This journey, while rife with opportunities, is not without its complexities. Our discussion delves deep into the heart of this evolution, examining the balance between AI-driven assistance and full autonomy. We’ll explore this shift’s potential benefits and challenges, from bolstering our infrastructure and enhancing public services to grappling with ethical dilemmas and safety considerations.

Join us as we chart a course for Sweden’s future, ensuring our transition towards an AI-empowered society is both responsible and visionary.

Moderator: Eric Bergvall, AI Innovation Architect, Saab AB

Johan Harvard, Vice President, Business Practice and Strategic Advisory, Silo AI
Carolina Brånby, Director Digital Policy, Confederation of Swedish Enterprise
Elias Julin, AI Innovation Engineer, Saab AB

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