Innovating with deep tech in the service of healthcare

lead by Region Stockholm


How is Region Stockholm developing healthcare innovations to meet the needs of patients and professionals, taking advantage of digital opportunities and new technologies? Focusing on threeconcrete healthcare innovations that are driving the development of patient safety, quality and efficiency, we will discuss how systematic innovation is performed in Region Stockholm. The panel of innovators will share challenges, collaborative practices and results.

  • Drones in the service of Healthcare
    Studying drone delivery of blood and medical supplies between hospitals in the Stockholm region. Also, discussing the delivery of AED (automated external defibrillators) to patients with suspected cardiac arrest in urban areas.
  • 5G mobile solutions in the service of Healthcare
    Testing pre-hospital ambulance care connected to the emergency room with 5G video, enabling an accurate and detailed shared situational picture. Also applying 5G video for enhanced communication from incidents and using 5G for hospital property use cases.
  • The centralized 3D center at Karolinska University Hospital in the service of Healthcare
    The first year of supporting the whole region with virtual surgical planning and 3D printing of surgical guides. As well as printing anatomical models from a newborn patient’s heart to a whole spine to assist surgeons in their everyday tasks.

Moderator: Vanessa Ware, Innovation Leader at Kista Science City AB

Fredrik Engströmer, Head of Innovation, Region Stockholm
Håkan Wilken, Head of Innovation, Locum
Lena Gordon Murkes, MD, Head of 3D center, Karolinska University Hospital.
Veronica Vicente, Head of Research, Development and Innovation in the Ambulance Service in Stockholm

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